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Why Be the First One to Back: Lumzag Crowdfunding

Posted by Kristina on Jun 18, 2018 5:29:13 PM

Let’s start off with a quote and set the mood straight. Scott Popma, who is an intellectual-property lawyer, also advising companies about crowdfunding had an interesting thought:

“Crowdfunding is the ultimate form of consumer research. You are not just asking people’s opinions: you are getting opinions with their money.”

As a consumer, you don’t really want to hear this, because you don’t want to be selling your opinion, right? But here’s the catch, when backing a crowdfunding you’re not just a consumer about whom the company is going to forget 3 seconds after your purchase. You are more than that: a part of that company, which might have not come to life without your money and your opinion.

But let me be more precise. After all, it’s your hard earned money and you don’t want to be gambling with it. You got to know the advantages and rewards you’ll be getting as an early backer for Lumzag.


#1. Get the awesome new product with a big discount

Lumzag Smart BackpackOne of the materialistic perks you get as an early backer is the big discount. In fact, the earlier you back,the bigger your discount will be. So if you believe in the product, which I’m sure you do, you’ve seen all of its features, when backing you will not only make this company come to life, but will also get the coolest smart backpack in the market discounted. Sounds good?


Also, keep in mind that the discount disappears after the first day of backing. So put an alarm and be ready to back us!


#2 Be the first one to brag about it


Besides the fact that you will get this smart backpack with a cheaper price, as a first day backer you will get it first: have it first and brag about it first. Just like when a new iPhone comes out and the first person who buys it shows it off until the others get it, you will be in the center of attention with your shiny new smart backpack and it’s techy features.


Also, we will ship the product in the right order: the first backer will get it first, then the second, then the third. So you've got to back not only on the first day, but also as soon as possible.


#3 Making something happen

It’s also important to keep in mind that when you back you make something happen that otherwise might have not. What I mean is, without all of your support our smart backpacks might not come true. They will only stay in our imagination and in our thoughts as something great, something that would benefit the mankind. Imagine the feeling you’ll get when you know you helped a startup out? I bet there’s no greater reward. And even though the support of all of our backers is super important, the ones that back the first day give a greater support: they shape our future business strategy.


#4 Have an influence

Another thing to consider is the fact that, as an early backer, you will have the ability to influence our project with your awesome, never-thought-of suggestions, with your objective feedback and, why not, with your encouragement. You will become a small part of our story!

And after you back us, don’t forget to share our campaign with your friends and communities and encourage them to support us as well.

Did you tear up a little? I promise we did. So remember to be one of the first backers, to get our smart backpacks at a discounted price, to be the first one to have it and it have your contribution in the history of our making.

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