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Ultimate Guide to Business Bags & Backpacks

Posted by Kristina on Apr 3, 2018 3:55:32 PM

How “Backpack” Mentality Took the World of Working Professionals

Traditionally, the ultimate sign of a working man was the briefcase made of black leather, with one handle, a lock and regular space inside. However, with all the changes taking place in the 21st century, the representative elements of a gentleman’s attire are also changing. 

brandon-wong-412013-1The requirements of the average business person are changing, and the briefcase is no longer a viable equipment that can efficiently carry all their essentials. So, the briefcase is slowly fading away, and due to its productivity, the backpack is taking its place in a man’s wardrobe. It increases functionality as it leaves a free hand to hold your first cup of coffee instead of a briefcase. For the modern business person, it has become a necessity to carry a bag that can safely and comfortably pack their essentials. The business backpack is the perfect style-forward accessory that can make life a lot easier for the working person.


Key Features Your Business Bag Should Have

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect backpack that will make you more productive and efficient in your everyday life. With the world developing as fast as it is, the day-to-day items that you carry also have to improve in order to keep up with the changing environment of the working world. To make your life easier, some innovations offer more functionality and eliminate the need for carrying multiple gadgets instead of one. Here are some features of today’s business bags that will ensure a more comfortable and stress-free life for you.


jason-leem-242246-unsplashFirst off, it is no secret that fashion has become one of the most influential factors in our everyday lives. Since what you wear is a representation of who you are as a person, it is important to pay attention to the accessories you carry. Additionally, aside from the way your business bag looks, it also has to be functional and durable. One of the main attractions of today’s innovative backpacks is the material they are made of. Here are some of the benefits of those materials.

  • Many backpacks are made of tear-resistant and scratch-resistant materials that guarantee their durability and ensure that their professional look will be preserved. They also have a dust-resistant feature, so, if you are traveling somewhere dusty, you can be sure that your backpack and its contents will not get ruined.
  • One useful feature that the material provides for the backpack is its resistance to water. Hence, you can walk in the rain and be confident that your belongings are safe and won’t break.
  • Nowadays, most innovative backpacks offer shock resistance. In case you bump into someone or accidentally drop your backpack, this feature will ensure that your belongings won’t break or get ruined.
  • The materials that are used to make today’s backpacks also ensure that the backpacks won’t change their shape and will keep their original look over time.
  • Some backpacks that are focused on the use of specific activities, are made with reflective materials. In case you like riding your bike at night, you can be confident of your safety.


nathan-dumlao-609931-unsplash-1Pockets and Compartments

We are always in search of a business bag that can fit our essentials and then some. With the introduction of all these new bags, there is one thing that we see more and more: Smart storage. Backpacks incorporate special pockets and compartments for your cords, adapters, laptops and much more. As a result, you can fit even more items in a smaller space than you could before.



Tech Specs/Smart Features

close-up-of-motherboard_4460x4460With the introduction of smartphones, the need for carrying more and more gadgets with you slowly faded away. Similarly, the world of innovation is coming up with ways to include smart features in backpacks in order to eliminate the hassle in your day-to-day life. These features not only provide you with the ability to carry less individual equipment but also ensure their safety and convenience. Here are some of those features that you should look forward to in smart backpacks, such as Lumzag:

  • They are equipped with solar panels. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to collect energy from the sun and store them in the power bank that comes with the backpack.
  • The backpacks also have wireless charging abilities or USB ports. You can charge your devices with the energy from the power bank that the backpack is equipped with.
  • The backpacks have the ability to provide you with a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are out of town and don’t want to sell your soul to pay for internet, the backpack is a perfect accessory to help you stay connected.
  • One of the safety features of the backpack is that it has global tracking. In case you lose your backpack, or it gets stolen, you can find it through that system and know where it is at any moment.
  • The second safety feature is a remote anti-theft alarm. This feature can be activated whenever you think that your backpack has been stolen. If you are traveling, this alarm is a great feature that will help you find where your belongings are.
  • Another smart feature that is extremely useful is the open alert. You will be notified every time you or someone else opens your backpack. So, in case you get that notification, and you are not the one opening it, chances are someone is messing with your personal belongings.
  • The backpack is equipped with a camera on its back, so, you can monitor what is going on behind you at any moment.
  • The feature that is one of the most useful ones is the missing item reminder. For those of you who constantly forget an essential item when leaving the house, your backpack will scan its contents and notify you if it detects that something is missing. This feature will guarantee that you won’t leave the house without your laptop or phone charger.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Business Backpack

If you’re considering purchasing a backpack, there are many features that might or might not suit your taste. Here are some of the features you should consider in order to choose the right backpack for you:


When picking the bag that you are going to carry with you every day, you need to make sure that it can efficiently fit all your essentials. It needs to have the right dimensions, in order to fit your laptop. Additionally, it needs to have extra space for some paperwork or a book you decide to take with you. You should consider the compartments that your bag has, so, you know that your belongings will be well organized, and you don’t have to get lost in your bag every time you need to get something out.



Whether you are traveling, or on your everyday commute to work, you don’t want your bag to be too heavy and weigh you down. Briefcases and messenger bags fail to meet this need. However, backpacks spread the weight of your bag, and additionally, have padded straps that ensure your comfort.



Just like briefcases, contemporary backpacks come with combination locks that will ensure the security of your belongings. If you are carrying expensive electronics or valuable paperwork, you can be confident that the contents of your backpack will be safe.



Business backpacks are supposed to have that professional look, in order to make you look and feel professional. The best choice to go for is the sleek and stylish backpacks that have a minimalistic design.


Business Backpacks as Go-To Accessory in the Man’s Wardrobe

Everyone can see the increasing popularity of backpacks, whether it’s from the producers’ point of view or the consumers’. But where did this popularity come from and why are so many business workers choosing backpacks over traditional briefcases? Some factors that influence the decision-making process of men when deciding between different kinds of bags are the styles, fashion and their fit into the modern business/casual style.

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Choosing a backpack might come as a difficult decision to some people because of the emphatically different options offered in the market. A backpack is an investment that is going to last you a long time, and a wrong decision won’t come as a cheap mistake. Since what you carry every day is, basically, a depiction of who you are as a person, it is crucial to purchase a backpack that conveys the right message to a potential employer or a business partner. You have to look like someone that is professional and organized, in order to succeed in your career.

Nobody wants to employ someone who is messy and disordered.

Since the introduction of the business/casual style, the backpack has become more and more popular. It is a perfect piece of equipment that incorporates a professional and minimalistic look with more casual and functional abilities. So, it is the modern backpack that can please both the people with a strict suit and tie wardrobe and those who opt for a more relaxed and casual look but want to look professional.

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Backpack vs Messenger/ Laptop Bag

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, messenger bags are, basically, briefcases with more loose structure and a strap that you can wear across your shoulders. The comparison between a messenger bag and a backpack is not one that is easy to convey since each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. In an ideal situation, one should own both kinds of bags and choose between them based on specific situations. However, in case you are deciding between buying one of these two accessories, consider these factors that will help you in the process of choosing one that fits you best:

  • While messenger bags are the more casual option next to a briefcase, backpacks are the most casual one of all. However, there are backpacks that are the physical representation of professionalism, and messenger bags that are very relaxed and casual. So, in the category of design, it comes down to personal taste and comfort.
  • In case you need to get something from your bag, the messenger bag is the more convenient choice. It hangs from your shoulder and reaches right next to your hips, so, it is easy to navigate items inside it. On the other hand, getting something out of a backpack while walking creates an awkward situation, since you have to take it off your shoulders and then put it back on.
  • If your job requires you to carry around a variety of essentials every day, the right choice is the backpack. It was created for functionality and can certainly allow you to carry larger and heavier items with less discomfort. In comparison, with messenger bags, you can to carry fewer items because the weight of the bag is extremely uncomfortable to bare.
  • Imagine you are running through a crowded train station because you are late for work. If you were wearing a messenger bag, you would have to hold it with one hand to ensure that it doesn’t swing around and create danger for your valuable belongings. With a backpack, you don’t have to worry about ruining your expensive possessions, since many backpacks today are made with shock-resistant material and are sturdier than messenger bags.


craig-whitehead-574814-unsplashOverall, as the briefcase is going out of a businessman’s wardrobe, the backpack is establishing its place in the market. Due to its convenience and modern style, it has become one of the first choices for a working person to carry. Furthermore, the innovative features that today’s backpacks offer are concentrated around the ideas of safety and security. Not only that, but the backpacks also offer features that eliminate the hassle of your everyday life. However, choosing the right backpack for you is not the simplest task. So, follow this guide, that just like the backpack, will make your life easier.


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