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The Great and Complicated Business Casual

Posted by Lilith on Jul 10, 2018 5:40:02 PM

Our modern society is more casual these days than ever before. The business style couldn’t be an exception. Business casual is a dress code people are confronted with everywhere. Well, what does it really mean? And how did backpacks come to make part of this style? Just keep on reading below and you’ll know!


Business Casual Style

We talk a lot about how the life transformed during the last 20-30 years. Well, the business world is not an exception.

Computers have come to replace typewriters. Cubicles are dragged away by individual offices. All the technological developments happening around the globe work in ways you’ve never dreamed of. As a result, today, you enjoy far more open and collaborative spaces than ever before.


Moreover, you feel encouraged to live in an environment where everything is incredibly comfortable and confident. When it comes to businesses, they now embrace a much more flexible and transparent environment than in the past. They empower employees to decide how, when, and where to work.

20-30 years ago, nobody would even think of discussing the workplace dress code. Men were going to work wearing a suit and tie. Women used to wear dresses and skirts. Nowadays, you’re faced with differing views concerning workplace attire. According to many executives, you can’t do without “looking the part,” which suggests wearing a suit and tie.

All these changes in the field have transformed the workplace attire. Before moving forward, let’s see what “business casual” means.

You refer to a casual work dress with a number of terms like "dressing down," "business casual," and "casual day" dress. Business casual is usually characterized as a dress code that many professional and white-collar workplaces in Western countries have adopted.

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It was the 1990s when in the United States, dressing casually for work became more widespread in business offices. Soon, this style appeared in Canada, England, Scotland, and Australia.

Business casual is usually associated with neat, casual attire. It is generally more casual compared to the formal business style, yet more formal compared to the casual or smart casual. In reality, casual dresses became widespread among office workers far earlier than the 1990s.

According to Dennis Tootelian, a marketing professor at California State University, “business casual” is a term that should be better defined. In 2003, Tootlelian mentioned in a national US study that there was substantial uncertainty around the business casual style. As Tootelian notes, people don’t know what it is.

Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy using a digital tablet while sitting in staircase

In fact, there isn’t any generally-agreed definition of "business casual." According to one of the existing definitions of business casual:

The business casual style includes khaki pants, slacks, skirts, short-sleeved polo shirts, as well as long-sleeved shirts. Jeans, tennis shoes, tight or short skirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts aren’t included in it.

Casual Friday or dress-down Friday or casual day is a Western trend. The trend is already present in other parts of the world as well. If your office follows this dress-down Friday code, you can go with a relaxed dress code on Fridays instead of wearing a suit, dress shirt, necktie, and dress shoes.

Happy group of business people together at the office

By the way, this trend has originated from Hawaii's custom of Aloha Friday. Then, the trend slowly spread east to California, and continued across the world until the 1990s, when it got the name “Casual Friday.” Today, in Hawaii, people wear Aloha Wear business attire any day of the week.


The Significance of a Backpack in the Business Casual Style

Advances in technology have enabled people to get out from behind their desks and interact and collaborate remotely with their colleagues in any corner of the world. This and other innovations existing nowadays have changed people’s lives both professionally and personally.


The shift to a more casual lifestyle is one of the consequences of all these changes. One of the most vivid changes in business attire has to do with backpacks. Are you one of the many people all over the world who prefer using a backpack instead of a briefcase?

Do you want to wear a backpack without losing your professional look? Do you think this can’t be the case? Are you sure you can’t look professional without wearing an old-school hard leather briefcase?

Well, be aware this is quite possible! You just need to choose the best of both worlds. To stick with the middle, just go for a high-quality leather backpack. Such backpack will show you’re an expert at the business part of business casual. So, what’s the significance of backpacks in the business casual style?

In fact, backpacks have become amazingly popular all around the globe. The point is that people are increasingly on the move. This means they need to carry their essentials with them all day long.


So, if your days are always different because you’re constantly involved in a range of activities or go to a number of different meetings in just one day, you should opt for a “mobile office.” A quality backpack, especially a quality smart backpack, can serve as an ideal “mobile office,” which you can take just anywhere you go.

Why a backpack? It’s simple! Wearing your “mobile office” on your back is the most efficient and ergonomic way. You have your both hands free to answer phone calls, and even carry coffee and papers. Some backpacks have specially designed pockets to slip your smartphone in and out of it while on the move.

Every career professional needs a reliable work bag to carry papers, electronics, a wallet, an umbrella, a ham sandwich, and other important items. A reliable and stylish smart backpack can serve as a professional and practical work bag for businessmen and businesswomen.

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As a great option for moving quickly and freely, a backpack is all modern career professionals need. Only, do your best to choose the right one since there’s a proliferation of backpacks, including smart backpacks, in the market. Go with a quality, smart, lightweight, durable, and affordable backpack that can help you carry your daily necessities with ease.

The world is going casual. Today, comfort tops the chart of everything else. Take the time to choose the best backpack for your everyday needs. Make the right choice and enjoy your each day at work!

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