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Smart vs Simple: Battle Of Backpacks?

Posted by Kristina on Jun 15, 2018 3:39:16 PM

If you type “types of backpacks” in Google, you’ll get 13 types: hiking/trekking backpacks, lightweight hiking backpacks, travel backpacks, dry pack/waterproof backpacks, packable backpacks and more. Don’t worry I’m not going to list them all. The thing is, that each of these backpacks have a specific reason: like the waterproof backpacks are designed for those times in your life when you’d want to throw your backpack into the ocean.

 I’m only kidding, but you get what I mean. And lets of course not forget those simple backpacks, the ones made for everyday use, the ones that have some general features, like inside pockets with zippers to keep some important stuff, large pockets on the sides for your water bottles, etc. Now, what about smart backpacks? Those have totally different purposes. One could even say that every smart traveler needs a smart backpack.

But are these smart and simple backpacks in battle? Or are they just subsequent products both made for totally different users for totally different situations.

Let’s start off with simple backpacks.


Simple backpacks for everyone

These babies are for everyone, one could say. For those times when you need a bag big enough to hold your laptop, charter, maybe even a jacket. I won’t couple them all. And so these backpacks come in different colors from different brands.

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To be honest, these backpacks are very practical: you could use them to go to work and you could use them to travel around the world. But would be satisfied?


Smart backpacks and their perks

Are you a tech person? Then you definitely won’t survive with a simple backpack. As soon as you find out about the features of smart backpacks you’re hooked.

First of all there are the power banks, to keep you energized. Then there come the built-in solar panels of smart backpacks: capturing energy from the sun and transferring it to that power bank. And that’s how you charge your electronics. In case of simple backpacks you’d have to carry all of your chargers with you, then try and find a place to plug those in, wait for a while until everything would be charged. And besides, smart backpacks are great for people who care about the environment: go green, right?

What else there is to wish for?

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Firstly, a global WiFi hotspot. How can you go back from having WiFi all day every day to not having it for an hour? You just can’t. Today Internet plays a big role in our lives: we’re connected to our work, friends and even to our families with the Internet. Another feature to wish in your smart backpacks, that elevates it over simple ones, is safety: Hopefully soon your smart backpacks will have Global GPS systems, anti-theft alarms, open alerts and more.


A simpler life with smart backpacks?

So now, why would you need any of them? You could just be very attentive, take good care of your backpack and always have your eye on it, right? Well, yes, sure, you could. But then again, there are so many more important things to worry about. When we’re busy thinking about work, busy figuring out what street we’re on and how we’re going to get someplace important, smart backpacks are like angels from heaven: they do the thinking for you.

And when your backpack contains almost every important piece of your belongings losing it might feel like a disaster. That’s when the global GPS system comes to help, tracking from any spot.

life with smart backpack

And what about those times when you’re traveling someplace exotic, which happens to also be someplace very dangerous with high crime rates? Are you going to be anxious and hold tight to your backpack like a maniac? Or are you going to let go of everything, enjoy the views that you won’t see again, breath the air, take amazing pictures and make lifelong friends? I know, this was too romantic. But at those moments the remote anti-theft alarm is what you’ll be praying for.

And just like that, smart backpacks, costing more than simple ones, let you feel more secure, and let your mind be free. But of course, both have their advantages.

If you’re simply going to work, a smart backpack might not be necessary: why carry everything with you. Or for those people who are not very tech savvy, this might sound all too complicated: they’d rather take their simple backpack, with their simple chargers, and take care of themselves on their own.

By now you know which one’s for you: would you choose smart over simple backpacks? I have a pretty great brand for you: Lumzag smart backpacks. They’ve got all the tech features I listed above and even some more. And as they say, there’s no better time than right now. Go make your purchase and live a simpler life with your brand new smart backpack.

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