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Security in Backpacks: Accessories, Anti-Theft Designs, and Integrated Security Features

Posted by Lilith on Apr 10, 2018 6:46:33 PM

Looking for the best solution to having real mental freedom while commuting or traveling? Pick a backpack! Well, which one? There’s a myriad of opportunities on today’s market. Go for the most secure one! Every day, 400.000 pickpocket incidents happen in the world. Focus on the safety of your important possessions and choose the right backpack that best suits your needs.

Read below, and you’ll get to know how you can choose the best backpack for security.


How to Choose the Most Secure Backpack


camera-2292843_1920Crime is one of the main problems with backpacking in urban places and, not only. No matter need a pack for traveling or for another reason, look for the one that’ll prevent theft, not encourage it. With a secure backpack, you can be sure to minimize your risk of theft and keep your valuables safe.

So, how can you avoid becoming a victim of backpack theft? All you need is to opt for a backpack that guarantees maximum safety and security for your belongings. No matter you’re an attorney, CEO, medical professional, fashion enthusiast, camper, or a student, you can find the right pack for your needs.

Only, you should pay attention to some of the most important features when choosing your backpack. It’d be perfect to find a pack that has all the necessary security features integrated into one place. Can you find such pack? Just read below and you’ll see.


Security Accessories That Can Keep You and Your Stuff More Secure:

  • Cable Locks
    bike-lock-2708118_1920Cable locks provide excellent versatility for travelers. You can use them to lock luggage zips and secure your backpack to an object that’s fixed or can’t be moved easily. Cable locks are designed with a steel coated shackle that can be extended. Thanks to its flexibility and hard-to-cut feature, your stuff will be secured perfectly. 
  • Money Belts
    You can find money belts in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Some of them have pockets that’re water resistant. Others come with a wire that’s slash proof.
  • Travel Safety Alarms
    Travel safety alarms are more typical of the female backpacking market. These are a useful gadget, especially for those planning a solo gap year trip. In case the pin is removed, you’ll hear a high-pitched sound.
  • GPS Trackers
    StockSnap_NBRVNC5FWOThere’re secure backpacks featuring a locking system integrated with a GPS tracker. You can find remote controls to lock, unlock, and track with GPS. The modern intelligent GPS tracking technologies can help you track your cash bag and carrier, regardless of where you are.
  • Vibrating Alert
    Vibrating alerts are designed to notify you whenever you forget something, or if anything is missing from your backpack.

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Anti-Theft Designs

  • Secret Pockets
    Secret pockets are among the most common features typical of anti-theft backpacks. You can find many packs designed with a hidden zipper. The latter can be used to keep your most important items like wallet, passport, and more.
  • Radio-Frequency Identification Protection Pockets
    RFID protection pockets are great for storing cards and similar items. They help you secure personal data encoded on your credit cards, IDs, and passports.
  • Lockable Zippers
    zipper-1060990_1920Locking zippers are another commonly found feature with backpacks. Why use locking tags that require to be cut? Using locking zippers, you can get instant access and, meanwhile, make it hard for thieves to get what they need.


  • Slash-Proof Construction
    Slash-proof fabric is too important for backpacks. Whenever thieves decide to use a concealed knife, they won’t have any success.
  • YKK Zippers
    Quality YKK zippers on anti-theft backpacks are another feature that can make it difficult for thieves to open them. Lockable YKK zippers are the gold standard for quality zippers.
  • Built-In Steel Cables
    cable-2349123_1920There’re anti-theft backpacks that come with built-in steel cables. These can be used to secure your pack to your other stationary luggage. As a result, you can keep all your items together during your travel.
  • Water Resistance
    jason-leem-242246-unsplash-1Is your backpack water resistant? This is another important feature when it comes to safety. Thanks to this feature, all your belongings can be kept safe and secure in case your pack is in water. Be sure it won’t let moisture inside.




Integrated Security Features

  • Global Tracking
    smartphone-2198559_1920Need to locate your backpack? Global tracking can help you with this. A real-time GPS tracker will give you peace of mind and help you always know the exact location of your pack, no matter where it may be.
  • Remote Anti-Theft Alarm
    Look for a pack that features a remote anti-theft alarm that can be activated camera-2292843_1920through a mobile app. All you need is to activate the security mode via a smartphone app.
  • Security Alert
    A security alert will notify you that someone has opened your backpack. So, it’ll help you avoid stress.
  • Missing Item Reminder
    A missing item reminder will notify you that you’ve left something behind. So, you’ll never forget about your important items.
  • Built-In Back or Back-View Camera
    Need to know what’s going on behind? A back-view camera will let you know about this. You can follow what’s going on behind you on your smartphone.


Thankfully, there’s a backpack that boasts all these important security features you’re looking for. This is Lumzag. This smart and innovative backpack has all these security features integrated into one place.

Lumzag aims to bring a fresh air into the backpack market. With this extremely secure pack, you can stop worrying about losing your belongings. Beyond that, Lumzag is also extremely convenient and does its best to make the world a more secure place to live.

Lumzag Smart Backpack will be available for pre-order soon. Subscribe to get  your Lumzag at the best price

Thanks to all its features, Lumzag is one-of-a-kind backpack in the market. This pack is developed to make your life less stressful and more secure. This is so much important in this day and age.


Thieves and pickpockets very often target travelers carrying backpacks. If your backpack isn’t secure enough, you’ll make thieves quite “happy.” All you need is to pick a secure pack that has all the necessary features to protect your gear. Choose the right one! Enjoy peace of mind!

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