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Personal Stuff Security Development Then vs Now

Posted by Lilith on Oct 9, 2018 3:17:31 PM

Security and protection systems are the devices that are designed to protect you, your property or personal belongings against a broad range of hazards.  To know more about personal stuff security development, just keep on reading this post.


History and Evolution of Security Systems

In our modern days of living, we’re witnessing increasing rates of crime. Security companies are working on developing more and more reliable systems to help people all over the world enjoy the best possible level of security.


These security systems are, as a rule, empowered with the latest technology to help keep you safe. Since over the years thieves have become “smarter,” you have no other choice than to protect your personal stuff better than ever before.


Thankfully, modern security companies offer better and more effective security systems than in the past when people couldn’t even imagine how smart these systems would become one fine day. Let’s look at things in the past and then focus on what we have today.


The world’s first electromagnetic alarm system was patented on 21 June 1853 in the name of Augustus Russell Pope. Pope was an inventor from Sommerville in Boston. Until this invention, people had relied on the loud chatter of their startled geese, the integrity of their guard dogs, or mechanical ringing to be wary of any stranger.


Of course, this alarm system seems very simple these days, but it was extremely effective for people living then. Later, Edwin Holmes became the very businessman and founder associated with the first company for electrical alarm systems.


Holmes bought the rights to Pope's invention in 1857 and was focused on developing the electromagnetic alarm technology available during those years with his “Holmes Electric Protection Company.”


By the mid-19th century, private organizations such as those of Philip Sorensen in Sweden and Allan Pinkerton in the United States had also begun working on efficient large-scale security services. Since the 1960s, crime-related security systems have grown at a rapid pace in the majority of countries.


In the 20th century, the world witnessed major developments in alarm technology. Calahan's emergency call box design became more affordable after the second world war. As a result, more control points began to be used for medical services, police and fire departments. Naturally, the security of the population nationwide got better.


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In the 1970s, the alarm systems became integrated with the first motion detectors. In the 80s and 90s, the growing democratization made alarm systems turn into a standard feature of building security. Finally, the first wireless alarm systems appeared on the market and brought a real revolution in the alarm technology.


Today, even complex devices can be secured by the interaction of state-of-the-art motion detectors, high-resolution video surveillance technology, and electronic detectors. More and more interesting and advanced technological innovations keep surprising people these days.



Keeping Your Personal Stuff Secure with a Backpack

Physical threats are on the rise all around the globe. The good news is that in our increasingly connected world, new doors are being opened for better protecting your personal belongings using the latest advances in technology.


Modern security systems allow companies, including those designing backpacks, to offer smarter and more secure products to keep you away from threats. So, even these days, when it’s never been harder for personal as well as home/business security, you can enjoy the necessary level of safety if you choose the right technology to use.


In fact, technology for security has grown exponentially in recent years. Some of the most effective advances in technologies for security during the last few decades have been in the field of physical security. By the way, physical security features two main components: building architecture and appurtenances; equipment and devices.




With years, the world is getting more and more dependent on technology. Thus, the implementation of technology-powered security systems is gaining more and more traction. The rise of IoT and smart devices has made smart security solutions become more widespread and appealing to customers.


This refers to backpacks as well. Those who carry backpacks too often are easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. So, they’re always on the look for more secure and smarter backpacks that can protect them to the best.


Thanks to the great consumer tech boom, even the humble backpack evolved in a striking way in the last 10 years. Today, the backpack is more than just a place where you can store your laptop, your water bottle, phone, books, sportswear, and other items you carry with you each and every day.


Now, your backpack can charge your phone, locate itself, and protect itself from being stolen. Modern high-tech backpacks are developed with security in mind, so you can be sure to never lose your valuables such as your wallet, passport, tablet, or phone. This is especially great for travelers. Today’s secure backpacks provide travelers with real mental freedom while traveling.


Of course, anti-theft backpacks look like normal packs: they’re just loaded with clever features that help you keep your belongings safe. Such security features not only minimize but also eliminate the risk of theft and keep your valuables safe.

lumzag secure backpack

Let’s take Lumzag, a smart backpack with exceptional security features that’s designed to prevent theft and not encourage it. All you need is to activate the security mode via the smartphone app. You’ll get notified in case someone tries to open your bag or steal it.


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Crime is increasing around the globe. Preventive actions are becoming more and more important. An anti-theft backpack is the very guarantee for keeping your valuables secure.

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