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Lumzag Smart Backpack launching on indiegogo August 1

Posted by Emma on Jul 31, 2018 3:36:03 PM

In today's ever-running life and ever-changing world we need more and more: more time, more space, more power, more memory… well, more gadgets. And more gadgets mean more bag-space to store it and more dependence on the plugs to power them.

And still we want more mobility, to be everywhere and to experience every minute of our lives. This is when the power-banks and backpacks come to aid.

At this point we face a problem: what backpack to use? I mean, there are so many of them on the market, for every taste and budget, but we always want to get the best we can, right?


And each and every one of those backpacks claims to be the best in the whole universe. The best to look great, the best to carry stuff etc. Well, I prefer the best one to help worrying less. And what I like even more is that they don’t use the word. I am talking about Lumzag Smart Backpack. This is what the Lumzag Founder Armen Poghosyan says:

“Despite of backpacks abundance flooding the market none of them offers more than one smart feature, and fail to meet all our demands. That’s the reason we have started to develop Lumzag smart backpack. We are excited to create a backpack that not only makes people’s life easier satisfying requirements they place on everyday carry, but also gives them peace of mind. Our mission is to make people worry less and feel secure, which is very important in our stressful, hectic life”.


Untitled design (5)

Lumzag is the first of its kind smart backpack to combine security, comfort and innovative features: it keeps mobile devices charged, belongings secure and backpack owner stress-free. Moreover, it simply rocks the look with that smooth, luxury leather, carbon fiber front piece and those sleek water-resistant YKK zippers.



What makes Lumzag one of a kind in the market

Lumzag is a high tech modern backpack combining the most unique innovative features a backpack has ever offered with unique, stylish design.

It boasts a number of impressive innovation features and technologically advanced solutions aimed at reducing hassle in people’s life:

  • Wireless charger with built in power bank to charge your phone on the go, alongside with your tablet, laptop and any other devices.
  • Inside light to easily find what you need when it’s dark outside.
  • Missing item reminder that keeps track of what you have in the backpack and notify when something is left behind
  • Back view camera to know what is going on behind
  • Remote anti-theft alarm and open alert will notify you when someone tries to open your backpack and alarms when the distance between you and your backpack is above the set maximum
  • Real-time tracking to always know where exactly your backpack is
  • Wi-Fi everywhere to be connected always, regardless the accessibility of internet connection


But it’s not only the tech that the Lumzag developers focused on. The high-quality ultramodern materials were used to achieve durability, convenience and the futuristic stylish look, that differentiates Lumzag from anything on the market even at the first glance.



How to have a lumzag for yourself

The first prototype of Lumzag smart backpack was first unveiled at CES 2018. The feedback Lumzag team got there has been overwhelmingly positive.



The creators are going to run a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to bring Lumzag Smart Backpack to life to help people stop worrying about safety of their belongings.

What if you’re excited about the features and the look, but are not really a backpack person? Don’t worry, Lumzag has developed a Smart Messenger and a Smart Cross Body bags for you. They have the same features and similar neat look, so you can still have your bit of piece of mind.


Of course it can seem easier to get a simple backpack without all those additions, but, honestly, the possibility not to think about the charging of your gadgets or forgetting all those everyday items, even simply having no need to worry about the safety of the bag is worth the wait.

The campaign will launch on August 1st and will last for a month, offering to the backers the best prices for the Lumzag Smart Backpack, Smart Messenger and Smart Cross-body Bags along with some awesome accessories, like a wireless charger for your smart bag, a wallet tracker, high efficiency solar panel and more.

So be sure not to miss this opportunity, especially given the special discounts during the first couple of hours.

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