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Lady's Business Travel Wardrobe

Posted by Lilith on Nov 6, 2018 5:55:28 PM

Are you preparing for your business travel? Do you want to know what you’ll actually need when you go out of town for business? One thing is for sure: you should take those pieces with you that’ll make you look elegant and stylish, and will also allow you to pack more efficiently. So, you’ll need some business travel wardrobe that packs well and unpacks well. Just keep on reading below to find out more on this topic.


Business Style for Women

For decades, brands have been focused on making clothes for men as they assumed that most business travelers were men. Today, the situation has changed: travel brands have begun creating more feminine functional products that are called to cater to women’s needs. With a lot of options available in the market these days, finding outfits that look professional, but pack well is definitely a skill you should learn.

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Currently, several brands are a real game changer in the field. This year, you’ll see them offer quality cashmere at pretty affordable prices. Besides, you won’t come across any shortage of jean styles and cuts, but bootcut jeans go on serving as an enduring classic.


If you think you can’t be in style and feel comfortable while on a business trip, that’s not right! You can still opt for excellent business travel clothes that look as great as they feel. All you have to do is to figure out which travel-friendly clothes are the best fit for you. So, simply take the time to choose from among your shoes, T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, etc. to wear them en route comfortably and without losing your style.

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The good news is that companies have more opportunities today to offer simplified solutions for busy working women looking for a way to build a professional wardrobe.


It’s interesting to note that according to recent studies in the field, almost 60% of women have a workplace dress code that’s “informal.” A little more than that wear “business casual” tire to work. Over 44% still don’t wear sleeveless clothing to the office. About 37% wear “flat but professional” shoes to work. As for sneakers or high heels, they’re found to be the choice for only some 15%.


All of the companies operating these days are battling the same reality: the global market revenue for women’s suits is beginning to decrease. It’s anticipated to account for $25.9 billion in 2022, which is down from $26.1 billion in 2017, as Euromonitor International reports. This speaks of a reality where a woman’s suit is considered a jacket with a pair of matching trousers or skirt.

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Ladies’ Business Travel Wardrobe

Now, let’s see what basic pieces you should take with you while on a business trip.



  • Outfits with Low Maintenance

Make sure to choose your outfits wisely. Don’t go for anything that requires ironing. However, if there’s no way out, always hang it up the night before and apply some water over the creases. Also, it’s highly recommended to choose items in neutral colors, such as navy, gray, beige, or black.


The best option is to go with wrinkle-resistant materials. So, take with you clothes made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Be aware that synthetic fabrics like nylon, lycra, polyester, are wrinkle resistant. By the way, you’ll get an added bonus with these pieces since they are usually anti-microbial, quick-drying and wicking. So, these are, in fact, technical clothing.


Other materials to take into account include jersey, wool, lyocell (aka tencel), cashmere, knits, spandex, and elastane.


  • Classic Suit

Of course, you’re free to take a pantsuit or skirt suit with you. However, remember that everything else you pack should be worn with one or both suit pieces. Black and gray can make up the easiest matching. Also, stick to suits in wrinkle-resistant materials. By the way, wool and synthetics are a safer bet as compared to 100% cotton.



  • Ponte Dresses

This is the absolute favorite business travel item for many women. Since ponte is heavy, it can skim your figure excellently, without clinging too much or highlighting any flaws. What’s more, ponte is also comfortable enough for an 18-hour travel and work marathon.



  • Cardigans

Cardigans, quite trendy this year, are less formal and don’t create headaches when being packed. You can find them literally everywhere and at all price points. Also, they come in so many colors and in a large variety of styles.


  • Two Pairs of High Heels

Be sure to never rely on only one pair of high heels while you’re on a business trip.


  • Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Who doesn’t need to relax after a long and busy day? That’s the reason why you should never forget about your favorite pair of pants, a t-shirt, and shows. You can go with a versatile wedge that you can wear with both pants and skirts.



  • Wrap or Shawl

This wardrobe staple can surely serve as a jacket on a mild day. It can keep you warm in a chilly office building. Besides, you can use your shawl in the air to substitute for a blanket or pillow in a pinch.



  • Small Purse

Make sure to take a small clutch or crossbody bag with you when on a business trip. You can take them with you to work dinners and events on the road. No matter how cute your laptop bag is, you can’t take it with you to a cocktail reception. So, opt for a versatile bag that you can use both for day and night events.


  • Use Your Accessories Wisely

After you’ve chosen all your basic travel wardrobe items, you can start choosing your accessories that’ll match the clothes you’ll be wearing.

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Traveling for work can really be a fabulous way to see the world. However, business trips can also be anything but glamorous. They can sometimes be really exhausting. So, you can’t do without choosing the best and the right business clothes for travel that can make things easier for you and help you enjoy your time.

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