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How to Keep Your Wearables Alive Longer

Posted by Lilith on Jun 13, 2018 11:40:02 AM

Wearable technology, which you can find referred to as wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics, are smart electronic devices featuring micro-controllers. You can wear them on your body as implants or accessories.


Wearables and Their Growth

wearable technologyWearable technology is sometimes viewed as the new mobile. After all, wearable devices represent just another form of mobile technology. You can take them with you wherever you go.

The history of wearables starts with a watch people wore to tell time. In 1500, German inventor Peter Henlein created small watches, which people could wear as necklaces. Today, so many things have changed. Wearable technology is now a “movement,” which is currently dominated by health, fitness and “quantified self” or “digital twin” applications.

Wearable electronics have evolved and developed to an incredible extent. Today, you have life-saving devices, fashion accessories, activity monitor bracelets, smart watches, smart glasses, and even GPS-enabled shoes. The market demand for these devices is growing year over year.

The wearable tech market goes on exploding and finding new niches. Today, you can find millions of wearable devices in the market. These include both watches and wristbands, glasses and earphones, rings, and many more. Of course, this isn’t all. More is yet to come.


Did you know that about 50 million wearable devices were shipped in 2015? More than 125 million units are projected to ship in 2019. The wearable technology market is anticipated to account for a yearly growth of 23% through to over $100 billion by 2023. It’s expected to reach more than $150 billion by 2026. More than 50 billion internet-connected devices are anticipated to be available in the world by 2020.


Beyond any doubt, wearables will become as ubiquitous as smartphones and tablets. The modern world enjoys great benefits from these devices such as tracking fitness and overall health. In fact, their made-to-fit technology knows you more intimately than even family. The shape of wearables will become even more hyper-personalized in the upcoming years.

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The wearable technology trend is only the start of a change that has the potential for huge benefits. This refers to both personal and professional spheres of life. As a result, people will be able to work and live better.

So, it’s no surprise that businesses are working on developing wearable devices like crazy. In our modern days of living, the speed of business is only getting faster. Happily, wearables will ease work and life and increase efficiency.


Let Your Wearable Live Longer

The technology becomes more affordable and secure. As a result, wearable IoT will increasingly make up an essential part of work and life just like smartphones. Design engineers of wearables are working on making unique products more fashionable, easier to use, and less “visible.”

Wearable devices can be considered as the hottest technology since the iPhone. They’ve taken the accessory market by storm. Wearing a simple analog watch that only tells the time is already in the past. Today, your watch should at least track your steps, monitor your heart rate, synchronize with apps on your smartphone, etc.


let your wearables live longerDid you know that battery life is the most crucial thing to focus on while trying to prolong the life of your wearable? Battery life is currently the biggest pain point in wearables. Many activity tracker or smartwatch batteries last anywhere between five days and several months on a single charge.


The issue of battery life is a complex one since most advancements rely on the processor makers. Conventional batteries that fit the bill, such as lithium-ion (Li-ion) coin cells, can go well with sensors and other very low-power wearable devices. However, they have a difficult time keeping up with the demands of more capable wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches.

The majority of the smartwatches that you can find in the market these days have a battery life measured in, e.g., days. Wearables without long battery life will lose their value very quickly. The thing is that users get frustrated each time they need to recharge the wearable. Moreover, users very often even forget to wear their device after recharging it.

Longer battery life can be achieved through energy harvesting, wireless charging, battery management, power management, and low-power solutions. These are all possible solutions that experts are considering with regard to battery life extension.

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Smart textiles are another highly important aspect when it comes to how the life of wearables can be prolonged. Currently, there’s a trend in wearables. It has to do with embedding sensors and electronics into textiles. This refers to both specialty athletic wear and everyday clothing.

The challenging part is to create electronic clothing that people will start treating like other clothing. It should be comfortable, flexible, and washable. Interconnections and electronics must be unobtrusive and robust. How can this be made possible?

Well, reliable terminations that are insulated, robust and waterproof should be used. In addition, flexible, garment-based antenna and transceiver solutions should be used. Other important parts include a stretch-conductive insulated wire, as well as small, dryable batteries. Finally, crease and crimp resistant PCB/FPCs should also be used.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is surging in popularity across all industries all around the globe. Wearable technology has accounted for great success in the consumer electronics market over a short period of time.


Innovators are constantly on the lookout for creative ways to make high-quality technology more accessible to everyone in the world. Marketers, in their turn, are doing their best to ensure wearable devices don’t lose their value for users. In our increasingly digital world, wearables are growing with rapid advances and are expected to further grow in the years to come.

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