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13 Tips for Safe Traveling

Posted by Lilith on Sep 4, 2018 5:00:00 PM

Are you planning to travel and want to know how to stay safe while being abroad? Maybe you already are abroad? This article will suggest you several safety tips so that you can enjoy your time without being worried about the safety of your valuables.


Traveling SAFETY You Need


You must have heard about deceitful taxi drivers and two-faced tour guides, insincere offers of help, and the occasional robbery or scam while traveling, right? What should you do to protect yourself and your gear?


In fact, you don’t even need to fly to another country to have bad things happen. No need to get out of your city to get distracted by someone while your laptop is being stolen from your backpack or get your phone grabbed by a pickpocket while you’re walking.


Did you know that 99% of the time backpackers are able to stay safe traveling abroad, but something goes wrong time after time? By the way, you can avoid being a victim of a thief 90% of the time if you’re equipped with a smart backpack and act fast. To know how you can stay away from a disaster, just read below!

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Travel Safety Tips to Follow

Safety is a topic no traveler can avoid. Everybody needs some practical advice that can help him/her stay safe while traveling. So, do you need help to minimize your chances of something bad happening to you or your belongings while you’re traveling? No worries! Here’re several tips that can make the world a pretty safe place to travel!


     1. Don’t Think You Can’t Be Scammed

Be prepared to get scammed: it can happen to anyone. Do your best to avoid it by knowing the special types of scam widespread in the country you’re flying to. E.g., Costa Rica is “famous” for broken taxi meters and Paris for its ring scams.


       2. Have Emergency Info with You

Record the emergency info in advance. Create an “Emergency Plan” to follow in case something goes wrong. Save your plan on your phone. Besides, write it down on a sheet of paper and have it laminated to protect your info from moisture. Keep this piece of paper in your wallet or purse.


       3. Turn to the State Department Website

Check the website of the US Department of State. Here you can find a page for every country with all known difficulties and current threats to visitors’ safety.


        4. Minimize the Easy Opportunities for Theft

If you prefer wearing a backpack, go for a smart pack like Lumzag. Make sure to use a slash-proof backpack. Remember that the material of your pack can be cut or torn by someone who’s so much “interested in” what you’re carrying with you. Importantly, choose a backpack that won’t make it easy for anyone to access your valuables in your pack or your backpack itself.


         5. Have Some Good Insurance

Use some kind of health and property insurance when traveling. You can go with short-term or long-term travel insurance.


         6. Avoid Sharing Too Much with Strangers

If it’s common for you to make your itinerary more public, like sharing on Facebook, don’t forget that it can be a road-map of your movements for someone who wants to know it.


          7. Wear a Backpack with a Back View Camera

The crowded streets, warm weather and excitement about seeing everything possible in a new city are great motivation to hire a bicycle. And here comes another kind of safety: safety against rude driving or riding. It is essential to know what's going on behind you, while riding, but you never want to focus on turning back.

So, to avoid the inconvenience and stay safe on your wheels, choose a pack that’s designed with a back view camera that can help you easily know what exactly is going on behind at any given moment

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        8. Avoid Cabs that Aren’t Registered with the City

“Private cars” aren’t a good idea at all. Use taxis that are registered with the city.


         9. Don't Make Public Your Valuables

Walking around with your expensive jewelry will create a problem in some places. So, avoid advertising your wealth while traveling.


         10. Avoid Paying with Large Bills

Paying with large bills will put you at risk of getting fake money. After you get money out of an ATM, you’d better change it in your hotel/hostel.


          11. Know Your Card Cancellation Numbers

Keep your credit card its cancellation numbers separately. So, that in case of losing your card, you can easily contact your operator and cancel your cards before anyone steals money from them.


            12. Keep a Record of Important Docs

Before flying to another country, write down all the information from your credit and debit cards. This also refers to your driver's license, medical insurance, as well as other important documents. Even if your docs get stolen, you’ll be able to know who to call after a theft and what to tell them.


            13. Avoid Carrying Things in Your Back Pocket

Pickpocketing is common in certain places around the globe. If you’re a tourist, you’re going to be of special “interest” to pickpockets. So, it’s not a good idea to keep anything in your back pocket. Don’t make your wallet, small purse, or keys turn you into an easy target for the swift hand of a pickpocket.

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When going to a new country on holiday or being on a business trip, keeping your money and valuables safe is pretty essential. If you want to have a good time, keep yourself and your belongings safe on the road. Follow the above-mentioned travel safety tips to enjoy your time and spend unforgettable moments that’ll stay with you throughout your lifetime!

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