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Security in Backpacks: Accessories, Anti-Theft Designs, and Integrated Security Features

Posted by Lilith on Apr 10, 2018 6:46:33 PM

Looking for the best solution to having real mental freedom while commuting or traveling? Pick a backpack! Well, which one? There’s a myriad of opportunities on today’s market. Go for the most secure one! Every day, 400.000 pickpocket incidents happen in the world. Focus on the safety of your important possessions and choose the right backpack that best suits your needs.

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Ultimate Guide to Business Bags & Backpacks

Posted by Kristina on Apr 3, 2018 3:55:32 PM

How “Backpack” Mentality Took the World of Working Professionals

Traditionally, the ultimate sign of a working man was the briefcase made of black leather, with one handle, a lock and regular space inside. However, with all the changes taking place in the 21st century, the representative elements of a gentleman’s attire are also changing. 

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Wearable IoT: Present, Past and Future

Posted by Lilith on Mar 28, 2018 4:15:31 PM

The role technology plays in people’s lives is growing with incredible advances. The more people become dependent on it, the less they’re willing to separate themselves from it. Wearable IoT devices are a hot topic in our modern days of living. How did they develop? What’s available today? What to expect in the future? Just read this article and you’ll know.

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5 Ways the 'Internet of Things' Impacts Your Everyday Life

Posted by Kristina on Mar 20, 2018 12:33:38 PM

Isaac Asimov once said: “The advance of civilization is nothing but an exercise in the limiting of privacy.” The pace at which the world is developing is at an extraordinary level. So it is no secret that the Internet has and will continue to increasingly impact our lives. With this development comes change.

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A Guide to Men's Business Bags

Posted by Lilith on Mar 15, 2018 12:02:50 PM

Gentlemen, your bag can make or break your look! You have a lot to carry and you need a business bag. Business bags make up as much a part of the modern men’s look as the suit and tie. So, you should choose the right bag in style. This article will tell you about business bags and help go with a bag that can be the best fit for you.


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